Nellie Friesen

Nutrition Coach


Nellie is an Army wife and mama of 2 very active little boys. She is a Registered Nurse with a specialty in pediatrics and women's health. Nellie is a Precison Nutrition Level 1 Certified Nutrition Coach. She also enjoys coaching CrossFit! She participated in various sports and forms of exercise throughout her life and has always been fascinated with the power of the human body.

Nellie had a hysterectomy at the age of 27 and soon began to feel the hormonal effects physically and mentally. She quickly began to look for answers through food. With the use of a coach and hours of studying she began to implement macro counting into her daily life. Her body began to heal and she immediately regained energy and strength she'd been lacking for years.

Nutrition is never a "one size fits all" approach. Nellie has a passion for understanding EACH client as an individual. She guides and coaches her clients to find a nutrition lifestyle that works for them. Helping others find healing and freedom through food is her primary goal as a nutrition coach. 


She currently offers 1-on-1 intensive macro-coaching, weekly coaching, and individual macro numbers.

Nellie Friesen, Owner of MacroFitLLC

Coaching Options

1st Month Intensive Macro Coaching

Learn how to count macros correctly and simply.

The First Month Includes:

-1 Hr. Phone Consult with Nellie

-MacroFit Handbook

-Daily Check-ins with Nellie

-Macro Numbers and Adjustments as Needed

-Weekly Weigh-ins

-Unlimited Answered Questions

 Nellie will work with you to meet YOUR goals that align with YOUR lifestyle. 

Weekly Check-ins

Check in with Nellie 1 time per week for accountability and weigh-ins. She will adjust your macro numbers as needed to meet your goals and answer any questions you have for the upcoming week. This option is recommend for those with macro counting experience or those who have completed one month of intensive macro coaching with Nellie. 

Macro Numbers

This option is ideal  for those who are experienced in counting macros effectively.  

Do you need an adjustment in your numbers due to a plateau or change in goals or activity level?

This option is perfect for you!

 "Food has turned into my fuel and I continue to get stronger every single day. I'm literally never hungry. It's been 3 months & I can't imagine going back. My migraines are subsiding, I'm getting stronger everywhere and leaner where I want to be lean. This has changed my life!"

MacroFit Client

"Being on this journey with Nellie has been one of the best experiences. As a former college athlete, I was very used to restrictive eating. Through MacroFit with Nellie, I've been able to incorporate a healthy, holistic approach to my day-to-day eating. There is no right or wrong food, it's truly up to me what I want my day to look like. Nellie has been my biggest cheerleader with her number one focus on fun. With simple goals and intentional coaching, not only have I seen my body change, but I also have a better understanding of food."

MacroFit Client



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